I Wonder?

Please, come with me on a slow ramble of educational wonders…..
I wonder,…..I wonder if a student who receives an A the first quarter and an A the last quarter ever learned anything or maybe they were just simply proficient and never challenged?
I wonder, if the fast pace change speed of technology will ever hit a quiet pause?
I wonder, if the the most significant problem in the United States is consumer debt with a great majority of it tied to credit card overuse. Are we teaching our elementary students anything by having them pay for lunch with a PIN number or swipe card. What a teachable moment missed in the schoolhouse of learning for efficienty to feed. I wonder!
I wonder, if the university will ever listen to the school on the best way served to prepare future teachers.
I wonder, if the medical world will form a marriage with the educational world to appropriately prepare educators for the prereferal world of early learning disabilities and diagnostics.
I wonder, as we find discovery and change in a time of great educational reform we can relish that more passion is dedicated to the conversation of education and this is a good thing.
I wonder, how a seasoned veteran teacher can be the most savvy in technology and best practice and yet another season veteran teacher can see this as something the newbies should be good at?
I wonder, if someone who believes you don’t need a license to teach has ever taught.
I wonder, if the great public school schools of our day can compete when the market is creating hurdles that are higher and higher to jump in an unfairly marked race.
I wonder, if Clayton Christenson is correct when he says half of all universities will be bankrupt in 15 years.
I wonder, if we are preparing a current kindergartener correctly for the post high school world of 2025.
I wonder…if you wonder….

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  • Matt Miller ditchthattextbook.com

    Wow, lots of stuff to think about here! I wonder what caused you to be in such a reflective mood. 🙂

    — I wonder if the “A to A” student is really good at playing the game of school and if he/she really learned anything at all.
    — I still wonder if we really know how to prepare those kindergarteners for their adulthood. I think we need now more than ever to shift from teaching content to teaching thinking skills and lifelong learning. (Hmm … I think I will add that to my list of blog post ideas!)
    — I wonder why university leadership has been so hostile to collaborating with the primary/secondary community. My first knee-jerk response is elitism, but I wonder if it’s deeper than than.

    Thanks for the fodder for a little wondering myself!


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