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Greetings all!!  Thank you for attending my sessions on Leadership and Technology. I would like to personally thank you and every one of for attending, sharing and collaborating.  The workshop groups on Thursday were able to engage in collaboration on different issues.  Our Friday group received a fast paced share.  Please know my Prezi is yours to take and use in anyway you find resourceful.  Here is the link to this Prezi:

Technology Leadership from the Principal’s Desk:



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  • Hello! I am so excited to review your Prezi, Chad! Thank you for the AMAZING presentation at #HECC2014 yesterday afternoon! Can you please show me where to click on the Prezi “below?” Unfortunately, I’m not finding the link yet. Thank you, again, for being such an inspiration to other educational leaders!

    Kelly Clifford
    MSD of Steuben County
    District Technology Coordinator
    “Clifford’s Tech Hub” https://sites.google.com/site/cliffordstechnologyhub/

  • Thanks Kelly! I sure appreciate your comments!!! It was my pleasure. The link should be alive and working now…have at it! Stay connected and keep learning moving!!! Best-Chad

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