June Thoughts

As June quickly comes to a close, I start to reflect on what was accomplished for building school for the upcoming year.  This was a month of mixed emotions as I watched great people depart our campus for new opportunities and at the same time welcome new and exciting members to our team.  Watching great people depart is always a cocktail of emotions–sadness and pure joy–sadness as we high five goodbye and joy as we watch them on take on new, bigger professional endeavors.

June also lends itself to drawing it the list of summer reads.  I have many books I want to conquer geared around school culture, innovation and creativity.  With a great desire to lead a school of tomorrow today, I find great joy in learning about where our students are heading.

It is also a time for restoration and fueling up for the new year ahead!

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  • Great post, Chad. It seems like your wonderful leadership style has inspired others to move into areas where they can lead like you. I think the best leaders have the ability to do just that- to move others. Great job! Keep up the good work.

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