Non Graded/Authentic Assessment/Passion Driven-

celebrationprinciplesIn the mid to late 90’s I had an opportunity to be on opening faculty of Celebration School in Celebration, Florida.  This school was often referenced as “The Disney School”.  Disney had designed a cutting edge school with no grades (K-12), no grades (A-F), graduation by exhibition of culminating project, passion driven curriculum with no textbooks and a structure that resembled a family room more than a school.  As a teacher, one of our tenets in the high school was to offer a class if a student requested it.  I recall my teaching load of over 28 preps at one time.

This school was one of the most beautiful pieces of teaching and learning.  Stress was high for faculty and the feel was uncomfortable for parents, but the relational spokes of the wheel was simply a thing of beauty.  I recall many days when students simply did not want to go home.

With much discussion around inquiry, tech infusion, PBL and school structuress, I hope to rekindle some sparks from this time in my teaching career and share out on this blog.

Some may say this model failed. This school today is much more traditional for what I understand. In weeks and months ahead I hope to continue this conversation of what really worked and why.


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