Lessons Learned From the Mouse

The greatest place on earth, Walt Disney World, sees millions come and visit yearly.  The parks in Orlando are a melting pot of culture, smiles and schedules every day.  I was fortuante enought to be a cast member in 1995-1998.  Driving the monorail, giving tours through the land in Epcot and serving as a lead in Guest Relations yielded many life expereiences.

The average interaction with a guest is 3-5 seconds.  Think how this works with the average time an administrator has to interact with all students on a daily basis.  Is it 3-5 seconds?  As one waves at bus duty, greets and says hello, walks through the cafe, and strolls through the hallway the time with each interaction has to hover around 3-5 seconds.   3-5 seconds is not much time, but enought to make someone’s day or give a smile that can say..You Are Important.

On the same note, different tune, think how quick a  dream can be smothered.  Maybe 3-5 seconds??  A family may save for 5 years for a Disney trip and can have it ruined in a simple, poor cast member interaction.  3-5 seconds is a very valuable time and one that is most precious!

A common Disney philosophy is to always exceed guest expectations.  If you ask for more water from your waiter, he or she may not fill your glass but rather bring your a new glass and take away your old one.   This striving to always stay one step up on guest expectations  has become a reputation that Disney is proud of.  How you can channel this same philosphy to serve your student, staff or families?

Thank you for taking a minute to read my blog and have a Disney Day at your school!


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